Choosing a college close to home pays off

Northern College nursing graduate Carly Montfort



Caring for her sick grandmother was one of the things that convinced Carly Montfort she should seek a career caring for others.  Montfort is one of the newest graduates from the B.Sc.N. Program at Northern College in Timmins.

Another reason for her choice she said is that Northern was nearby.

“The nursing program at Northern College stood out to me because it was close to home. I enjoy Northern Ontario. I live in a small town just outside of Timmins.  I really was unsure about moving into a larger city. I had heard about great experiences from previous students who attended Northern College. At the time my choice was so easily chosen,” said Montfort.

Northern’s four-year nursing degree program is provided in collaboration with Laurentian University in Sudbury.  As for career prospects, Montfort said she will continue to work and live in Northeastern Ontario.

“I was offered a job during my final preceptorship in which I am truly grateful for. I plan to continue studying hard, take the NCLEX exam and begin working. I do wish to continue my education further in the future but at this time I am unsure of how exactly that will look like,” she said.

Montfort said the nursing program was not a walk-in-the-park, but it was achievable once she accepted the importance of studying.

“First year is one of the greatest struggles. School can be overwhelming the first year due to all the changes occurring. The expectations have increased, you are more independent, and studying has become your life. It is not easy, but it can be done. Once first year is complete you become more comfortable with your surroundings and scheduling.”

Montfort said she discovered the course to be more rewarding than she expected.

“One specific learning experience that remains important in my education at Northern College was the Rural and Remote Nursing elective that I thankfully took part in. We learned about nursing in many different locations and what that consists of,” she said.

“I was able to physically and mentally experience nursing in a remote community. There was no better learning experience than to truly be submerged within the community and learn immensely about the culture and nursing diversity,” she added.

She said it was rewarding as she remembered one of the key reasons she enrolled.

“I decided to apply for the B.Sc.N. program approximately six years ago when my grandmother was really sick.  I was actively part of her support system and cared for her in times of need. I was close with my grandmother and she always pushed me to be caring towards everyone,” Montfort recalled.

“Entering the B.Sc.N. program, I was not certain about becoming a specific type of nurse or exact career path, but I knew caring for others was something I enjoyed and wanted to continue to do.”

Montfort said students looking for a career should do some research and event visit the school beforehand.

“My advice to students wondering about career choices is to go with your heart, choose a career path you truly enjoy doing. Life is too short to have to dread going to work every day. My advice for college choices is to go visit the facilities if you have the opportunity, get a feel of the atmosphere and location. College will become your home for the next few years.”


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